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Short Stay Services

Short Stay Services at Om Shivam Multi Speciality Hospital chiefly caters to patients undergoing surgeries and procedures that require a day's stay in the hospital i.e. a patient can get admitted in the morning and is discharged the same evening.

All category of surgeries which require only a day stay are done in Short Stay Services which can belong to Minor, Intermediate, Major, Major Plus category

The Short Stay Services department is located on the fourth floor of the hospital building. It is a 19-bedded ward. The department is open from 7.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. in the evening except Holidays and Sundays.

Admission procedure for Short Stay Services:

Admission into Short Stay Services is decided by the Consultant. Consulting Doctors letter is required specifying Short Stay Services (Median A class).

  • ➣ Booking can be done by calling at - 7495900333 or through board nos. Extn. 3402
  • ➣ Charges would be as per Median A Class.
  • ➣ Patient will not be allowed to stay overnight. In case of exigency overnight stay is necessitated the patient would be shifted to the wards.
  • ➣ For corporate clients referral letter from the Company stating admission in Short Stay Services (Median A class)