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School Health Services

Om Shivam Multi Speciality Hospital runs a customized programme for Schools.

This includes

  • ➣ Direct affiliation for patient admissions, In Patient or Out Patient services like or consultations, diagnostics
  • ➣ Regular Employee Health Check
  • ➣ Customised Health Programmes
  • ➣ Health Audit
  • ➣ Health Index
  • ➣ Student Rehabilitation Programmes
  • ➣ Infacility Programmes
  • ➣ Medical Implants

Direct Affiliations:

If your School provides medical benefits to it’s students or teachers, such that the payment of medical expenses of the students or teachers is borne by the School, and would like to empanel Om Shivam Multi Speciality Hospital as a preferred or nominated medical service provider, please fill the form given below. Our executive will contact you within 2 working days.